Saturday, September 15, 2012

A painful game for LionsXII

It’s been a long while since I last blogged and this is definitely not the kind of post I would want to make after a long rest… The match against the Johor FC was just pathetic.

Just a reminder, the name, “LionsXII”, is a tribute to the fans who are recognised as the 12th man in football. The “LionsXII” Facebook page had this on it: “FOR COUNTRY l FOR FANS l FOR PASSION l FOR FOOTBALL”. It is the most supported local club in Singapore, the backbone of our very own national team and the pride of Singaporeans, being a fully local-bred team with the exception of Agu Casmir. LionsXII has just failed everyone that supported them.

Quote from @kallangfortis “Competitive #Sleague are dying for spectators! Yet #LionsXII are boring the supporters away!”

We are in a period where support is lacking in our local football scene. There are many people putting in lots of effort to pull in more support for local football despite all the criticism on local football and all the down times, they have not left. Before placing any blame on anyone, I believe the team owe the fans an apology. This is probably the most basic thing to do after wasting 30 minutes of the fans time in the stand and probably an hour or even more in traveling.

It is not about just progressing in the tournament, it is about the attitude and mentality of the team. Where is the mentality to win? Football is actually a pretty simple thing - the fans want exciting matches and the team is there not just to win silverwares but also to entertain their fans too. Fans were there to watch the game and when the game plan changed, they booed and they chanted “We want goals”. The team made no response and continue to play passes in their own half to run down the clock.

Where is the responsibility LionsXII have towards the fans? Where is the professionalism? The team were playing at home with a sold-out stadium, at least according to FAS, and yet played 30 minutes of passing. The fans had to be tortured for 30 minutes by the boring game from both teams that showed no desire to win at all. The opposition team can do whatever they want, but is it right for the LionsXII to follow the suit and just play to their pace? Or is there even any pace to start with? Is it fair for the fans who have travelled and paid? I believe not. After such an unsporting and irresponsible act, are you guys still worthy of the fans’ undying support?

At the end of the 90 minutes, I saw Baihakki attempting to thank or perhaps to apologise to the fans but stopped by his teammates. (effort appreciated) The LionsXII return to their dressing room heads down. Why? That’s because they are shamed by their own game. A game that they were forced to play. It is not a poor performance which they work harder in training to prove themselves in the next match. The players know themselves that it was a disgraceful game that they had to play out and still, had to endure the jeers from their own fans.

To all fans out there, don’t blame the players. I believe many of them have not been willing to play out such a game and was merely following the management’s instructions. Let us just wait for the explanation Sundram has and how he would be able to justify himself.

Update: Baihakki apologizing in his twitter account.

Continue believing in our players because they are the only hopes we have left! 


-Support S.League, National Team and LionsXII.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Sleague Statistic!

This is the data I collected from .

Its happy to see the attendance being at a not bad level with an average of 1749! This may be due to the work done by clubs to attract fans down!
Its not much of a major increase, but a baby step is still a step!

Refereeing maybe a little too "generous" at giving yellow cards! There is 55 yellow cards in just merely 10 games! Is the game too rough? or is it really what people are saying, the referee are not up to standard?

Whatever the reason maybe, I still need my first S.League match of the year. Till then, I guess I am in no position to rate or criticise.

-A true fan doesn't just support, he believe! Like how I believe Tampines will win the Charity Shield till the last minute. And they did it! Always continue believing, cause one day, that believe would come true-

P.S. Sorry for not posting after a long time. I was busy with my school work.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Youth Really The Answer?

YOUTH! That was the plan our president, Mr Zainudin, said would be main focus of the country's football. Is it really the plan for success? Will it really give us the results 3 to 5 years later?

I guess no one can say anything definite now. All we can do is to watch and see.

But losing 2-0 before half time against our biggest rival, purely disappointing.

I am not very familiar with the youth team so I don't really want to comment on the match until i saw this twitter post---

This got me thinking, why are we playing European style in an Asian land? and to be more specific, Asean.

Isn't it clear to Raddy that we have no tall and big players? Isn't it not clear to Raddy that playing long ball is no longer working in Asean?

Where are the basic ground passes? 5 meter pass? 10 meter pass? Cross should only be a choice when the game is forced to the wing, it shouldn't be a plan to force your ball to the wing.

Playing a cross into the box is just like buying 4D, hoping that luck is with you and you strike a lottery.

Is it not possible to play ground ball and build up the play slowly?

I am not questioning your ability and tactical intelligence Raddy, I am just offering suggestion that you may never hear.

Its a really crucial time for you Raddy, I do not dislike you neither do i support you. But we want results, you want your jobs. By getting results, it means saving your job.


Our President has promise more funds have been set aside for the local clubs this year. The question is how much more? You now have 10 local clubs in S.League. If you do not set aside more funds, then 10 clubs will have to share what 9 clubs get previously. It is just plain common sense that more funds are needed for more clubs. If you are not planning to reveal the amount of money set aside, then don't try and make things nice. Unless the clubs are getting another 6 figure amount more EACH, I guess it is not really a good news to the league.


Perhaps, one of the happiest news of the year. Tanjong Pagar United FC's Return.
Now, we are a huge step closer to being a full local league. Just 2 more local teams to go. First of all, brave move by Tanjong Pagar! It was never easy for a team that is out for so many years to be back in S.League again. And their route would be even more difficult during the league, its a new team, new coaches and a new beginning.
I do not know much about TPUFC but I would like to wish the club all the best!

If only there are more of clubs like TPUFC and more investors in Singapore Soccer, then my dream, of calling S.League a real Singapore League, would be fulfilled.

All the best to Tanjong Pagar United and all other local teams in the upcoming season!

-You have taken Spaghetti (Serie A), Tortilla (La Liga BBVA), Fish & Chips (EPL). Why not try some mee pok (S.League)?-

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A break...

Sorry, everybody. I am kind of busy with soccer training, badminton training and preparation for the return of the terror(school) so I will not be able to make post nowadays, i promise to be back once i am settled. I should be back around 15 Jan or so. Thanks! :)

-Cheers! Support S-League, Support Lions, cause if you don't, who will?-

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stags in yellow, gives Aliff a yellow ribbon.

Yes! This have been the news that the Stag's fans have been waiting for! Aliff Shafaein's sentence.

The captain of the Stags, Aliff, has been sentence to jail for 48 days with a heavy fine of $10,500. He will be back with the stags with a promise never to break the law again.

Lets all hope that Aliff will learn from this mistake and play better football when he is back.

Aliff should only be back during the mid season or maybe 2 months after the league starts as he would not be able to join the pre-season training and also time is needed for him to get back his fitness, before he is up and ready for the game again.


P.S. I am sorry for such a short post as I do not have the full report. I will try looking for it and edit this post if possible.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A contract for answer, Raddy? [Edited]

TNP Noon 20/12/2010
Perhaps the Raddy's Quote of the Decade - "It's their problem. I don't have a contract with the newspapers of anyone else. I have a contract with the federation."

A reply back to you Raddy, neither do any fans in Singapore have a contract with you!

We as fans could have been enjoying games, out with friends or overseas during the "Hanoi Horror Show". But we didn't. We stood by every match of yours(or at least I did). However, we were rewarded with matches that showed at least 70 mins of poor performance, we stood through it believing Singapore would go through, but they didn't

After such poor performnce, we did not hear any apologies from your part(or maybe I missed it). We need an answer from you. You are the coach! You make the decision. You don't just come to us and say that you do not have any contract with us and there was no need to answer us.

Do you guys remember about the airport interview of the player?

Defenders were saying that if the striker do not take their chance and not score, there was nothing they could do.

Attackers were saying that the defenders were not strong enough at the back.

*it was something like that, i couldn't find the original paper. sorry.

Blaming other department for being weak and not themselves. Except for Duric, he did not blame anyone and even apologise despite scoring twice to save Singapore.

What about Raddy? We never heard from him! We never got answers we wanted.

  1. Why did the lions performed so badly? 
  2. Why wasn't Singapore able to show the weakness of the Filipinos despite having the chance to watch their play during the qualifier?
  3. Did the Indonesia league really affected the players?
  4. Did Raddy make a trip down to Indonesia to look at his players before the selections? 
  5. Finally, Is he leaving?

Whether if he is leaving or not? He should at least drop some hint of the answer in his heart. Don't just leave the fans dangling in the mid air not knowing what to do, and wondering how is Singapore Soccer going to survive after this pathetic campaign!

However, as fans, we have no power to demand anything from him. After all, fans are still fans, we have no power to make decision on behalf for Raddy or the FA. Instead, we should support their decision and not criticise on it after it is made.
If the decision proved to be right in the future, as fans, we should cheer and celebrate, if not, we should learn to accept it, and hope for a better change.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

When Enough is Enough, you need to learn to use an axe.

Strait Times Saturday 18/12/2010
Finally, the former lions have spoken. A point that they have made- drop the players that have broken the rules. This maybe a little harsh, but if this is needed why not?

It is hard to say that no team is this world has no disciplinary problems, but it is how the team handle it. By imposing a fine of a few hundreds dollar does not solve the problem. There is a saying that "a problem that can be solved by money, is not a problem". Then how useful would the fine be?

If the player doesn't learn, by dropping that player, at least the team learns. Being a footballer at national level, you are a role model to every soccer player in that country. Even in Singapore, national players have their fans, they have younger players looking up at them. Though the number may be small, it is still a number.

But, we are all humans. Which man dares to say he never makes mistake? Who in this world has never done anything wrong? Making mistake is not the worst mistake, but not learning from your mistake, it would be the biggest mistake made. There is no one perfect in this world, but it is how close to perfect can you be.

I hope that the players would learn from their mistake, grow up and never make the same mistake again. If they do, I guess they do not deserve any sympathy from us... And I believe that no fans would disagree to the dropping of players, even if they are star players.

---Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn
---Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Roy L. Smith