Monday, December 20, 2010

A contract for answer, Raddy? [Edited]

TNP Noon 20/12/2010
Perhaps the Raddy's Quote of the Decade - "It's their problem. I don't have a contract with the newspapers of anyone else. I have a contract with the federation."

A reply back to you Raddy, neither do any fans in Singapore have a contract with you!

We as fans could have been enjoying games, out with friends or overseas during the "Hanoi Horror Show". But we didn't. We stood by every match of yours(or at least I did). However, we were rewarded with matches that showed at least 70 mins of poor performance, we stood through it believing Singapore would go through, but they didn't

After such poor performnce, we did not hear any apologies from your part(or maybe I missed it). We need an answer from you. You are the coach! You make the decision. You don't just come to us and say that you do not have any contract with us and there was no need to answer us.

Do you guys remember about the airport interview of the player?

Defenders were saying that if the striker do not take their chance and not score, there was nothing they could do.

Attackers were saying that the defenders were not strong enough at the back.

*it was something like that, i couldn't find the original paper. sorry.

Blaming other department for being weak and not themselves. Except for Duric, he did not blame anyone and even apologise despite scoring twice to save Singapore.

What about Raddy? We never heard from him! We never got answers we wanted.

  1. Why did the lions performed so badly? 
  2. Why wasn't Singapore able to show the weakness of the Filipinos despite having the chance to watch their play during the qualifier?
  3. Did the Indonesia league really affected the players?
  4. Did Raddy make a trip down to Indonesia to look at his players before the selections? 
  5. Finally, Is he leaving?

Whether if he is leaving or not? He should at least drop some hint of the answer in his heart. Don't just leave the fans dangling in the mid air not knowing what to do, and wondering how is Singapore Soccer going to survive after this pathetic campaign!

However, as fans, we have no power to demand anything from him. After all, fans are still fans, we have no power to make decision on behalf for Raddy or the FA. Instead, we should support their decision and not criticise on it after it is made.
If the decision proved to be right in the future, as fans, we should cheer and celebrate, if not, we should learn to accept it, and hope for a better change.


  1. Honestly speaking here, if you put yourself into Raddy's shoes, when you're already at your worst and fans are getting at your backs, what do you expect him to say? As fans we should let the FA solve this problem and let Raddy deal with his own squad, cuz that's what fans are for. Yes, many questions has to be answered but ultimately, what they all need most at this point of time is our support. Cheers!

  2. i understand what you are trying say, but i feel that raddy is kinda irresponsible. i guess my comment were slightly harsh at the last paragraph, i will do some editing there :)

  3. Not all coaches like or know how to deal with the press. If you are asked provocative questions like: "So, are you quitting?", his reaction is just a away of saying "no comment". Anything more, and he might say something he will later have to apologise for.

    In this case, the press have to present themselves as the voice of the fans ("What do you want to say to the fans?") and the coach need to see the media as the fans' representatives. We are all on the same side.

  4. Why did Singapore play poorly? For one thing, the great proportion of players now playing in the ISL made coaching the team much more complicated. It's harder to monitor the performance and condition of the players.

    And the Philippines was a surprise package. The result could have been very different.

    But that leads to the next question: if some players are off form, why can't others step up? We come back to the problem of Singapore's small talent pool. So, our hope is in improved youth development schemes.