Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stags in yellow, gives Aliff a yellow ribbon.

Yes! This have been the news that the Stag's fans have been waiting for! Aliff Shafaein's sentence.

The captain of the Stags, Aliff, has been sentence to jail for 48 days with a heavy fine of $10,500. He will be back with the stags with a promise never to break the law again.

Lets all hope that Aliff will learn from this mistake and play better football when he is back.

Aliff should only be back during the mid season or maybe 2 months after the league starts as he would not be able to join the pre-season training and also time is needed for him to get back his fitness, before he is up and ready for the game again.


P.S. I am sorry for such a short post as I do not have the full report. I will try looking for it and edit this post if possible.

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