Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Youth Really The Answer?

YOUTH! That was the plan our president, Mr Zainudin, said would be main focus of the country's football. Is it really the plan for success? Will it really give us the results 3 to 5 years later?

I guess no one can say anything definite now. All we can do is to watch and see.

But losing 2-0 before half time against our biggest rival, purely disappointing.

I am not very familiar with the youth team so I don't really want to comment on the match until i saw this twitter post---

This got me thinking, why are we playing European style in an Asian land? and to be more specific, Asean.

Isn't it clear to Raddy that we have no tall and big players? Isn't it not clear to Raddy that playing long ball is no longer working in Asean?

Where are the basic ground passes? 5 meter pass? 10 meter pass? Cross should only be a choice when the game is forced to the wing, it shouldn't be a plan to force your ball to the wing.

Playing a cross into the box is just like buying 4D, hoping that luck is with you and you strike a lottery.

Is it not possible to play ground ball and build up the play slowly?

I am not questioning your ability and tactical intelligence Raddy, I am just offering suggestion that you may never hear.

Its a really crucial time for you Raddy, I do not dislike you neither do i support you. But we want results, you want your jobs. By getting results, it means saving your job.


Our President has promise more funds have been set aside for the local clubs this year. The question is how much more? You now have 10 local clubs in S.League. If you do not set aside more funds, then 10 clubs will have to share what 9 clubs get previously. It is just plain common sense that more funds are needed for more clubs. If you are not planning to reveal the amount of money set aside, then don't try and make things nice. Unless the clubs are getting another 6 figure amount more EACH, I guess it is not really a good news to the league.


Perhaps, one of the happiest news of the year. Tanjong Pagar United FC's Return.
Now, we are a huge step closer to being a full local league. Just 2 more local teams to go. First of all, brave move by Tanjong Pagar! It was never easy for a team that is out for so many years to be back in S.League again. And their route would be even more difficult during the league, its a new team, new coaches and a new beginning.
I do not know much about TPUFC but I would like to wish the club all the best!

If only there are more of clubs like TPUFC and more investors in Singapore Soccer, then my dream, of calling S.League a real Singapore League, would be fulfilled.

All the best to Tanjong Pagar United and all other local teams in the upcoming season!

-You have taken Spaghetti (Serie A), Tortilla (La Liga BBVA), Fish & Chips (EPL). Why not try some mee pok (S.League)?-