Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Sleague Statistic!

This is the data I collected from .

Its happy to see the attendance being at a not bad level with an average of 1749! This may be due to the work done by clubs to attract fans down!
Its not much of a major increase, but a baby step is still a step!

Refereeing maybe a little too "generous" at giving yellow cards! There is 55 yellow cards in just merely 10 games! Is the game too rough? or is it really what people are saying, the referee are not up to standard?

Whatever the reason maybe, I still need my first S.League match of the year. Till then, I guess I am in no position to rate or criticise.

-A true fan doesn't just support, he believe! Like how I believe Tampines will win the Charity Shield till the last minute. And they did it! Always continue believing, cause one day, that believe would come true-

P.S. Sorry for not posting after a long time. I was busy with my school work.

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